Top 10 Solar Penny Stocks List

Solar Penny Stocks

The market set the trend to start developing alternative energy investments and dependency on fossil fuels many years ago. Though the transition to a low carbon economy will take decades, it is worth looking into emerging company, most of their stocks priced well under $5 and start comprising a solid penny stocks list.

There are plenty of reasons to invest in alternative energy sources and solar penny stocks specifically. It is much cheaper to manufacture solar panels nowadays than in 2008 when this technology started initially saturating the market. Consumers are much more educated now as to the benefits of solar energy and the impact on the environment so they are more likely to purchase solar panels for their residential homes. Solar energy units are no longer exclusive for the single-family households; more and more larger factories and plants started implementing this type of alternative energy to power their operations. This trend will inevitably drive solar penny stocks in prices and result in more profitable penny stocks hitting the market. According to Bloomberg analysts, by 2020 the solar energy output will have amounted to 5-7% of the total global energy market.

Below you will find a list of great penny stocks including NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE penny stocks and over the counter selections.

1. Ascent Solar Technologies (ASTI)
Solar penny stocks of this Colorado based company are actively traded on NASDAQ. It is in the business of developing and manufacturing photovoltaic panel units for the commercial and military consumption. Among its other product developments are solar batteries for iPhones and also Samsung Galaxy smartphones, portable solar charging devices and solar batteries. This is definitely among the best penny stock picks to be considered for any portfolio.

2. China Sunenergy Corp. (CSUN)
The company is engaged in the development, production and distribution of solar cell units, namely monocrystalline and multicrystalline silicone solar cells to be consumed by solar power generators of residential, commercial and industrial properties across the Peoples Republic of China.

3. DayStar Tech, Inc. (DSTI)
This California based Corporation is involved in developing grid tied and ground based photovoltaic solar cells. The technology used in their products integrates copper lithium gallium modules on glass laminates for commercial and residential application.

4. Envision Solar International (EVSI)
These solar penny stocks come straight from the California Company that engineers and produces solar technology based products across the United States. The technology works by transforming top deck parking lots into high power solar generating units of commercial, industrial and government consumers.

5. Hanwha Solarone Co Ltd. (HSOL)
Among the top penny stocks to watch in China, these stocks are offered from a company involved in the production of solar cells, wafers and ingots. It also provides photovoltaic module processing and supplies them to third parties who will later distribute them to an array of residential and commercial consumers.

6. Hypersolar Inc. (HYSR.PK)
This Company is engaged in the technology to enhance the output of the existing solar cells. This technology is focused on applying a thin layer of solar concentrator over the existing photovoltaic modules thus increasing their output.

7. LDK Solar Company (LDKYQ)
These Chinese solar penny stocks are definitely worth considering for your small portfolio because the company behind it develops and designs photovoltaic solar cells and equipment necessary to establish renewable energy generators across farming enterprises across China.

8. Spire Corporation (SPIR)
This Corporation provides and distributes turnkey solar energy generating system to an array of commercial and residential clients across the United States. In addition, it offers solar unit testing, training and certification to comply with government regulations.

9. 5N Plus Inc. (VNP.TO)
This Company is not an actual producer of photovoltaic cells but a supplier of essential raw materials for the production of solar products. The company supplies First Solar, the largest Canadian solar panel company, cadmium telluride cells.

10. Carmanah Technologies, Inc. (CMH.TO)
This Canadian based Company specializes in LED lighting and solar cell technologies. Solar mobile power solutions are their specialty allowing commercial clients to always have access to renewable energy batteries, chargers and regulators.

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