Top 10 Penny Stocks to Invest in Today and Hold

Penny Stocks to Invest in

There are different types of investment strategies when it comes to finding penny stocks to invest in. While some investors prefer to hold micro caps for a very short time just enough to make a profit, others may choose to hold on to great penny stocks for the long haul. If you decide to invest and hold, it is even more important to find financially solid start up companies with great potential that will appreciate in the future. All of these companies should have something that makes them special, whether it is an innovative biotech solution, an experimental drug to fight cancer or other pandemic diseases or something incredible that makes them stand high above the rest.

When finding penny stocks to invest in, keep in mind that this market is one of the most volatile of all with prices of stocks fluctuating virtually within hours. Though if you decide to invest for the long haul and hold, it is still important to monitor prices so you can avoid massive penny stock risks.

1. Generex Biotechnology Corp. (GNBT)
The company is working on developing large molecule delivery system medications to treat a wide range of immunological and metabolic disorders. Their innovative oral aerosol drug delivery system is very convenient and not taxing on patients’ digestive tracts that could already be overwhelmed by a variety of medications they are already taking. Among their other products they are working on is a RapidMist insulin delivery technology allowing patients to keep blood sugar under control without the need for needles. Additionally, GNBT could be the top penny stocks to invest in because the company is also working on special immunotherapy vaccines for patients affected by breast and ovarian cancers.

2. Research Frontiers, Inc. (REFR)
This company is involved in a business of developing and manufacturing devices that control the flow of light, namely SPD smart light technology. Their products are later used in solar roofs, screen protective films and specialized windows, with UV filters, rearview automobile windows and light control goggle and sunglasses.

3. RMG Networks Holding Corporation (RMGN)
Digital signs and media applications are what makes these penny stock recommendations worth your consideration. The company is involved in providing its commercial clients with innovative software imbedded digital and LED signs, electronic displays and wallboards. Bottom line the company provides digital platform services that enable businesses and advertisers to draw targeted clients. Consider adding them to your list of penny stocks to invest in.

4. Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company (AXN)
These biotech penny stocks come straight from the company that researches, tests and produces a wide array of medications including narcotic painkillers and drugs for substance abuse management. This China based pharmaceutical company also produces and markets herbal derived supplements to control stomach and dental aches.

5. Infosonics Corporation (IFON)
This technology company develops, produces and markets mobile communication devices and accessories including but not limited to Android based smartphones, handheld sets, tablets and various devices. The company works both with major wholesalers and retailers. The smart phone industry growth makes a potential for this company to become one of the attractive penny stocks to invest in.

6. Zix Corporation (ZIXI)
These are definitely one of the top penny stocks to buy due to many factors including that the company is a rapid growing Technology and Application Software company. It is involved in an electronic data loss prevention and protection. Zix Corporation provides e-mail screening and encryption services allowing its clients to significantly reduce junk mail overload and data loss and theft. Additionally, ZixOne mobile phone app allows employees to access corporate mail portals from anywhere without sacrificing security.

7. eFuture Information Technology Inc. (EFUT)
The company is a China based business providing software services for retail and commercial companies across China. Among the services they offer is the software installation and management of POS retail equipment, along with logistic and transportation management. At the rate how China is growing this company might have a potential to be one of the penny stocks to invest in and hold for a while.

8. TICC Capital Corp (TICC)
This business development corporation offers some of the best penny stocks that pay dividends at 10.9% annual rate. The company offers loans to developing technology sector companies. Though this business model is at times risky, the company was founded by former banking experts who impose a rather strict set of criteria for companies to qualify to.

9. CASI Pharmaceuticals (CASI)
The reason why this company offers great penny stocks to invest in because it makes great strides at developing breakthrough medications to treat cancer and other serious illnesses in the US and China. Their primary cancer drug has recently completed Stage I of clinical trials with patients affected by persistent breast and ovarian cancer tumors. Another pharmaceutical product they are working on is orally active compound to treat autoimmune diseases, especially prevalent in the US.

10. Chimera Investment Corporation (CIM)
This real estate development corporation invests in a wide array of securities ranging from residential and commercial backed mortgages, retail and commercial properties, and others. These may definitely be great penny stocks to invest in because in addition to its appealing financials the company pays 11.21% annual dividends.