Top 10 Penny Stocks on the Rise List

Penny Stocks on the Rise

Identifying penny stocks on the rise can help investors to buy into companies before they take off in prices. Many successful companies started out as penny stocks worth literally pennies, however innovative products or services, aggressive advertising and market penetration coupled along with wise financial decisions of management teams helped companies realize profits and climb up in value.

Many penny stock traders focus their entire strategies on singling out such penny stocks on the rise and realize huge profits by managing penny stock risks wisely. If you are a new investor, you might be tempted to listed to penny stock recommendations from virtually any sources like your friends, colleagues and relatives or perhaps event so called hot penny stocks picks received from free newsletters. The most important rule of finding penny stocks on the rise or rally any stocks is to never ever listen to those sources and do the homework for yourself. Only financial education, perseverance and sticking to your trading strategies will help you become successful at trading.

Listed below you will find some suggestions of potentially good penny stocks on the rise to consider.

1. Biolife Solutions (BLFS)
The company trades biotech penny stocks that seem to have risen quite a bit in price within the last couple of weeks. The company is involved in a competitive medical field of living tissue and cells cryopreservation. Their unique technology allows reducing damage to cells and tissue due to prolonged preservation stage.

2. Mitcham Industries (MIND)
This Corporation services seismic industry by providing a wide range of geophysical equipment. Its main specialty is to provide short-term lease of the seismic assessment equipment to contractors in oil fields and scientists.

3. DS Healthcare Group (DSKX)
It specializes in the development of personal and skincare items including hair growth shampoo, antifungal beauty products, facial cleansers, creams and serums.

4. Aveo Pharmaceuticals (AVEO)
The Company offers medical penny stocks and focuses its efforts on research and development of cancer treatment medications. Among its additional drugs they are involved with are those to control rapid weight loss associated with certain cancer treatments.

5. Ampio Pharmaceuticals (AMPE)
This pharmaceutical company works in a field of developing drugs to address inflammatory conditions. Among its leading products are Ampion intended to decrease inflammation in the knee as a result of rheumatoid arthritis and Optina to treat macular degeneration.

6. Streamline Health Solutions (STRM)
It is involved in the healthcare information software solutions by providing data generation and structuring services to major hospitals. Its patented Looking Glass platform to address patient care solutions including medical billing, referral and appointment scheduling.

7. LDK Solar Company (LDKYQ)
Diversification is key when it comes to investing in penny stocks on the rise. This company provides this by offering some of the most attractive Chinese penny stocks. It designs, manufactures and distributes photovoltaic solar cells for commercial and retail clients in China.

8. Ambassadors Group (EPAX)
This Washington based company is engaged in student education and travel services by organizing various worldwide programs for students in the US. It provides opportunities for middle and high school students to travel abroad and learn about international culture, history and languages.

9. Icad Inc. (ICAD)
It provides early detection of cancer imaging services and further radiation treatment of cancer. Breast cancer, uterine malignancies and prostate cancer are just a short list of conditions that could be studied and treated with the help of their equipment.

10. Ruthigen Inc. (RTGN)
Consider these penny stocks on the rise offered by a biopharmaceutical company engaged in research and development of solutions to reduce instances of bacterial infections association with surgical interventions.