Top 10 Penny Stock Brokerage Firms Ranked by Reputation

Penny Stock Brokerage Firms

In order to start buying profitable penny stocks, it is worth spending a moment to go through our Top 10 penny stock brokerage firms list. Despite the fact that currently there are hundreds of penny stock trading sites to choose from providing basic services, these industry’s leading financial institutions offer cutting edge services, financial planning and way to cut down on your penny stock risks.

1. Wells Fargo’s Wells Trade Online and Mobile Brokerage service is one of the most user friendly and easy to use platforms to access on a lap top, iPad or mobile smartphone. Transaction fees start at as low as $6.95 per trade and the PMA package allows investors to waive many tiered fees and simplifies account access 24/7.

2. Charles Schwab is the absolute top player among online penny stock brokers. The company boasts some of the largest on the market client base offering banking services and retail brokerage services to clients of all sizes. Its budget friendly $1000 account minimum and $8.95 per transaction fee are a sure way to get you started. Larger clients willing to start their brokerage services with a minimum of $50,000 can take advantage of 6 months of free service.

3. Vanguard is another highly regarded among penny stock brokerage firms offering no minimum account balances along with $7 transaction fees. If clients have at least $50,000 invested in Vanguard’s ETF’s, the transaction fees drop down to $2 after the first 25 trades in a year. Definitely an interesting option to take advantage of.

4. Merrill Edge is a fantastic option among other penny stock brokerage firms for many reasons. With their competitive $6.95 trading commissions and zero account minimums, this online broker stands above the rest. One of its coolest features is a comprehensive research platform for finding you awesome penny stocks on the market. If you need extra assistance, you can request broker assistance, which will cost you $44.95 per transaction.

5. Fidelity Investments is perhaps the golden standard among extremely trustworthy penny stock brokerage firms. Despite the fact that this broker has a hefty account minimum requirement of $2,500, it offers a low $7.95 transaction fee pricing to fit all sorts of investment levels. Fidelity also offers some of the best in the market research tools to help you buy penny stocks online.

6. JP Morgan Brokerage Services is one of the most trusted penny stock brokerage firms on the market. It is definitely better suited for experienced traders with an advanced research platform to land you with some of the top stocks in the portfolio. Most brokerage accounts require a minimum of $25,000 account balance with fees ranging from $25-$50 per transaction depending on a client’s trading profile.

7. Share Builder by Capital One is a Seattle, WA based brokerage firm offering a wide array of trading services. The firm offers award winning service along with ease of use platforms for newbie investors, however it is lacking in the research tool department, which is easily compensated with zero account minimums and average $6.95 transaction fees.

8. T. Rowe Price is among less budget friendly penny stock brokerage firms but extremely cutting edge research tool platform to make up for these drawbacks. The firm has a very detailed brokerage fee schedule with transaction commissions ranging from $9 all the way up to $30 for broker-assisted transactions.

9. Scottrade is among top penny stock brokerage firms ideally suited for new investors due to the degree of interaction provided by the firm. With low account minimum balances of $500 and average $7 standard transaction commissions, Scottrade is a great budget friendly and easy to use platform.

10. Firstrade Securities is perhaps one of the discount brokerage firms on the market offering a full selection of securities. Unlimited number of shares could be traded at a small fee of $6.95 per transaction and should you choose broker assisted trades, get ready to pay about $19.95 per order.