Top 10 Oil Penny Stocks List

Oil Penny Stocks

With crude oil prices dropping suddenly below $30 per barrel at the beginning of 2016, it is hard to find a better time to invest in oil penny stocks. All stock analysts agree that crude oil and natural gas companies are some of the best penny stocks to invest in before they inevitably sky rocket in the near future. A series of political and economic measures have forced the prices of crude oil to fall drastically hence low prices for the oil penny stocks.

If you are wondering how to find penny stocks for investment, below you will be able to browse through our selection of top 10 great penny stocks from the oil market sector.

1. Tamm Oil & Gas Corporation (TAMO)
This Alberta, Canada based petroleum exploration company focuses on developing and acquiring oil sands lots across Canada. Among its premier projects is the Peace River property in the Northern Alberta with over 14K gross acres of oil sands leases.

2. Ivanhoe Energy, Inc. (IVAN)
The Company offers some of the top penny stocks to buy based on its natural gas and oil rich properties in Canada, Ecuador and Mongolia. Its Tamarach project located in Alberta, Canada is one of the largest holding over 6.8K acres of oil leases.

3. Delta Oil & Gas Inc. (DLTA)
This natural gas and oil company makes its goals to acquire, develop and produce crude oil and natural gas liquids at its properties located in Canada and the US. In the US its primary projects are Newton and Jim Wells counties in Texas. In Canada, DLTA owns and operates several projects in Alberta, Canada.

4. Dejour Energy Inc. (DEJ)
These oil penny stocks come from a company that owns and operates extensive 88.5K acres of gas and oil properties in the Piece River Arch in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. Among its US properties, you will find Piceance Basin projects in the Rocky Mountains.

5. Advantage Oil and Gas (AAV)
These profitable penny stocks are delivered from a company that owns natural gas and oil exploration rights in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada. It does not directly sell its crude oil and natural gas liquids but rather employs a marketing company.

6. Transatlantic Petroleum Ltd. (TAT)
This Texas based company offers top penny stocks and is involved in exploration, acquisition and production of crude oil and gas primarily at its overseas territories in Turkey, Albania and Bulgaria. TAT owns its own oil drilling equipment and also provides equipment rentals and consulting services to third parties.

7. Synergy Resources Corp. (SYRG)
Synergy Resources offers oil penny stocks backed up by its successful business of acquisition, development and exploration of oil and gas projects located primarily in Colorado. The company holds over 55K developed and undeveloped acres of land across the area contributing to its annual profits.

8. Lucas Energy (LEI)
The Company is heavily engaged in the exploration and development of the crude oil resources across the territories adjacent in San Antonio, TX. As of 2014 these oil penny stocks are backed up by company’s lease contracts across 17,6K gross acres of resource rich lands.

9. Longwei Petroleum Investment Holdings (LEI)
This wholesale distributor of the finished petroleum products from production facilities based in China. The company transports, stores and distributes liquid gas products, fuel, diesel, gasoline and solvents from a number of petroleum refineries. It also acts as middlemen among refineries and gas stations, power suppliers and other wholesale customers. Make certain to include these oil penny stocks in your calculations.

10. Imperial Petroleum Inc. (IPMN)
Imperial Petroleum together with its subsidiaries focuses on the exploration and production of oil and gas across its lands in Louisiana. As of 2013 the company owns and operates 18 crude oil wells in Louisiana, which has estimates of over 311 millions of oil barrel reserves. The company also produces biodiesel and crude glycerin as by products of oils production. Additionally, the company holds a license to extract oil from tar sands in Indiana.