Top 10 Most Useful Penny Stocks Newsletters List

Penny Stocks Newsletters

We have all heard of hundreds or even thousands of penny stocks newsletters spams trying to pump up the prices of certain stocks that will later plummet taking all of the investors’ money with them. While all of the penny stock investors can benefit from being cautions, there are in fact useful penny stocks newsletters sites that can help you learn how to identify successful penny stocks and invest with a profit.

1. Peter Leeds Penny Stocks
This is perhaps among our absolute top penny stocks newsletters selections for many reasons. Peter Leeds is the author of a highly regarded book Penny Stocks for Dummies published in 2013 and Invest in Penny Stocks. He also has credit appearances on many TV shows on NBC, CNN and Fox. Currently his online newsletter has over 100K subscribers from 6 continents and this number keeps growing. For just $19 per month you can access his incredible database full of incredible knowledge and insight on how to make money with penny stocks.

2. by Timothy Sykes
Perhaps another extremely trusted online advisor not just giving you best penny stock picks but also rather teaching you how to analyze companies for yourself. Timothy Sykes is also a very solid proponent of online trading stock diaries that will help you pin point successful penny stocks transactions that should be repeated over and over again in the future. Timothy Sykes is the guy who tells us that we can make trading stocks in virtually any markets and anywhere on Earth as long as we have access to the Internet. His $99.95 monthly subscription will grant you access to all of the features the site offers and $49.95 monthly will open access to penny stock recommendations, alerts and chat rooms.

3. Penny Stocks Conspiracy by Timothy Sykes
Just another pro-created penny stocks newsletters website allowing its subscribers for a low one time price of $47 to access his incredible wealth of knowledge, weekly stock alerts, personal consultation for a limited time, secrets of savvy traders and so much more. The website will also reveal some of the worst penny stocks pink sheets scams of the century and how to recognize them in the future.

4. SuperNova Elite
One of the priciest penny stocks newsletters website subscription offered for a quarterly fee of $249. However, it is one the most detailed and user friendly services founded by a former Elementary School teachers Jeff Williams who has a neck for explaining things like you were a first grader in penny stock investing. Ever since he switched careers and made his first million trading penny stocks, he made his goal to educate penny stock investors out there. The website is a priceless source for continuous education offering a well-stocked library, webinars, chat room access and amazing alerts.

5. Jason Bond Picks
Endorsed by many trusted elite sources like the Wall Street Journal and Yahoo Finance, it is among penny stock trading sites that was founded by a Wall Street swing trader who believed to never holding on to a stock for more than a few days. He applied his strategy to his innovative style of penny stock investing that he will share in his quarterly subscription to the site for $297 per quarter. The subscription offers access to his unique videos, chat rooms and daily stock alerts.

6. Penny Pro
Steve LeBlanc, one of the most successful penny stock traders on the market, founded this premium penny stock newsletter enabling just everyday traders to access his secrets and strategies to a profitable trading. His trusted method of trading for newbies starts with paper trading and once necessary knowledge is gained, an investor should move on to real trading. He personally started off with $500 turning this initial investment into millions. For $249 quarterly you will receive access to comprehensive information, chat rooms and daily pro-picks.

7. Penny Stock Egghead
This is among very useful penny stocks newsletters founded by Nathan Gold breaking down his simple to learn strategy and taking the guesswork out of the small cap stocks. For a small $97 one-time fee you will be able to receive his truthful picks that are most likely to bring you profits straight from the hands of a self-made millionaire. Furthermore, you will be able to learn his unique system of analyzing stocks.

8. Penny Stock Prophet
Powered by the brain of an incredible penny stock trader James Connelly who was able to turn a $1,000 amount into a six figure annual profit. His $97 one-time fee will unlock his secrets on how to identify penny stock breakouts that can potentially bring the most returns. Not only will subscribers receive alert what and when to buy but also what stocks to sell to lock in the profit.

9. Golden Penny Stock Millionaires
The program is based on the penny stock trading success of John Bell, the founder of the website. Their penny stocks newsletters are teaching budding investors on the right time to buy an underappreciated stock and the right time to sell. This knowledge could be accessed for a low one-time fee of $47. Though the website is quite new, you will be easily able to stop the subscription and get your money back within the first 60 days.

10. Falcon Stocks
One of the long-term players on the penny stock educational market, the website offers amazing insight on the details of small cap investing. They put their Wall Street market experience and deal exclusively with NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX stocks and never with suicidal penny stock sheets or over the counter stocks. The website has been a continuous contributor to many online publications like the Motley Fool, Insider Monkey, Dow Jones and WSJ, to name just a few. Now they offer a promotion for signing up of $149 for two straight years.