Top 10 Most Successful Penny Stock Companies List

Penny Stock Companies List

Not very often will you hear about successful penny stock companies list that rose from rags to riches in a fairy-tale like scenario. Most often we hear how dangerous it is to trade with penny stock companies and how volatile their prices are going from pennies to nothing in a matter of days. Though it is true that most small cap stocks are highly volatile, are prone to all sorts of pump and dump schemes and very little financial information is released to the public regarding some penny stock companies lists, especially those not traded on NYSE or NASDAQ.

Successful penny stocks do exist and it is a matter of perseverance, skill and partly luck to end up with a few of them in your portfolio. Below we have gathered information on successful penny stock companies list to prove that they do exist in real life. Check out their historical charts to see for yourself how they proved the odds of penny stock risks wrong.

1. Monster Beverage Corp. (MNST)
The ultimate story of penny stock company transformation that was worth next to nothing back in the late 1990’s and now is up $126.61 in price. The company specializes in developing, producing, distributing and selling energy drinks across the United States.

2. Canadian Solar Inc. (CSIQ)
These are Canadian solar penny stocks that are offered from the company that was trading below $5 per share back in 2012 and now is up $32.66 as of the end of May 2015. The company is involved in developing, manufacturing and selling solar cell products and modules to commercial and retail consumers worldwide. Additionally it provides maintenance, repair and replacement for superior product delivery.

3. General Growth Properties (GGP)
It landed on our successful penny stock companies list because their stocks were worth around $5 back in 1994, later shot up to $65 in 2008 and dropped to $28 per share at the end of May, 2015. This Chicago based firm is engaged in developing, managing and leasing real estate properties in the United States.

4. True Religion Apparel, Inc. (TRLG)
What once was a penny stock scam surprisingly turned into a successful Vancouver based clothing company. As of July 2004, their stocks were worth no more than $0.67 and nine years later TowerBrook Partners purchased this company for $32 per share.

5. Pier 1 Imports (PIR)
It is simply hard to believe that in 2001 the company’s stocks were trading for less than $2 per share and today the stocks’ worth rose to 12.71 per share as of end of May, 2015. The company is a major retail distributor of home furnishings, decor and gifts.

6. BJ Restaurants (BJRI)
Another classical example among our successful penny stock companies list when a stock worth merely $2 as of 1997 shot up to $45.78 by May, 2015. The Company owns and operates 159 casual dining establishments across 19 states.

7. American Axle and Manufacturing (AXL)
AXL stocks were priced way below $5 during 2009 and now they are worth over $25 as of May, 2015. The Company is engaged in supplying the American automobile industry with car parts including chassis modules, transmission parts and electric drive systems.

8. Quality Systems (QSII)
From being included in the list of penny stocks worth mere pennies back in the late 1990’s, the company rose to the level of $50 per share in 2012. Though it has significantly decreased in price over the last few years, it is still one of the successful healthcare technologies companies providing automated network practices for medical establishments.

9. Sirona Dental Systems (SIRO)
Surprisingly, the price per share of this stock closed at less than a dollar back in 2000, however today the stock price for this company registered at $98.88 per share. The company is focused on developing and manufacturing dental equipment worldwide.

10. Office Depot (ODP)
Not a lot of people are aware that this stock dropped to its all time lows of $0.59 in 2009 and was considered a penny stock. However, by mid-2015 this a well-known NASDAQ stock priced back at $9.23.

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