Top 10 Mining Penny Stocks List

Mining Penny Stocks

A lot of investors tend to naturally navigate towards buying into the Earth’s rare elements, including precious metals like gold, silver, copper, uranium and others. Choosing this particular category of investments has numerous benefits. Since the prices of precious metals like gold and silver move in opposite directions with general economy trends this allows investors to hedge portfolios against inflation and severe market crashes. Though investing in gold and silver mining penny stocks is not the same as buying actual precious metal bars or coins, it still enables buyers to benefit from the rising prices of precious metals.

Before you become a part of penny stock success stories, it is important to learn how to analyze mining penny stocks, or the companies that stand behind them specifically. If you can identify ownership and management, it is a very essential factor to evaluate since these people make crucial decisions for a company’s well being. Consider where the company’s mining sites are located; unstable political environments might jeopardize successful mining penny stocks. If you are not able to obtain much of the financial information about a certain company, it’s better to avoid investing in these mining penny stocks.

If you are curious which penny stocks to invest in we recommend, browse the list below.

1. Minco Gold Corporation (MGH)
This Canadian Corporation is involved in exploration and development of gold rich projects in China. Among its primary projects are Chankeng in southwest Guangzhou and Longnan property with 10 gold mining permits in Ganzu province.

2. Lakeshore Gold Corp (LSG)
Another Canadian company that focuses its efforts in exploring and mining for gold ore and silver across Canada. The company is boasting three primary properties, including Timmins West Complex, Bell Greek project in Ontario, and Fenn Gibb. Consider adding these gold penny stocks to your portfolio for superior diversification and hedging against inflation.

3. Advance Gold Corporation (AAX.V)
These mining penny stocks are offered by an exploration stage Company based in Canada. Most of their exploration and development sites are located in Tanzania and Kenya. These areas are mainly developed for gold and silver ore.

4. Copper Fox Metals, Inc. (CUU.V)
It is a resource development company that is engaged in developing mining sites for porphyry copper mineral deposits across North America. Some of their primary projects are located in British Columbia and Arizona.

5. Forum Uranium Corporation (FDC.V)
If you are looking for successful penny stocks, look no further than the stocks offered by this company that specializes in exploring, developing and mining of uranium resources across Canada, mainly Nunavut, Thelon and Athabasca Basin, and Saskatchewan.

6. Gold Reserve, Inc. (GRZ.V)
This Company based in Spokane, Washington is involved in acquisition, development and exploration of gold mining sites in Bolivar State, Venezuela.

7. Claude Resources, Inc. (CRJ.TO)
This Canadian mining company specializes in acquisition, exploration and prospecting of gold across the Saskatchewan area in Canada. Its Seabee property boasts 2 active mining sites and several exploratory stage sites. Their Amisk property covers over 40,000 hectares and holds several active gold and silver mining sites.

8. Metallica Minerals Limited (MLMZF)
These mining penny stocks are offered by an Australian Company that is engaged in the exploration and evaluation of mineral properties across Australia. They specialize in the mining of rare earth elements including scandium, cobalt, nickel and zircon-rutile.

9. First Majestic Silver Corp (AG)
This Canadian based company offers silver penny stocks based on their projects they explore and develop all over Mexico. As of the beginning of 2015, the Company operates several silver production sites in Mexico – Coahulia, Durango, Jalisco and Zacatecas States.

10. Fortuna Silver Mines, Inc. (FSM)
This company that specializes in exploring and extracting of gold and silver ore resources offers these top penny stocks for your consideration. The company holds two primary projects, namely, Caylloma in Peru producing gold, silver, lead, zinc and San Jose mine in Mexico that mainly produces gold and silver.

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