Top 10 Medical Penny Stocks to Buy List

Medical Penny Stocks

The medical sector companies working on research and development of new pharmaceutical drugs, equipment and technologies have always been in the spotlight of small cap market analysts working on developing best penny stocks to buy lists for their customers. In fact, according to Forbes, 8 out of 9 top successful penny stocks were associated with medical industry in 2014. This could be explained by the fact that new technological advances quickly sweep the market and in case a new breakthrough technology or a drug is developed, these medical penny stocks prices can go through the roof literally overnight.

Let’s take a look which medical penny stocks have made the cut according to some market analysts.

1. Biomerica, Inc. (BMRA)
Biomerica is the company that develops and manufactures equipment for major hospitals, universities and clinics for early diagnosis of a number of diseases. At this time the company announced the approval of 2 of its products to be used for a wide array of medical tests in China, one of the largest medical markets in the world. This will sure result in the company’s stock making the top penny stocks lists in the near future.

2. Dynavax Technologies, Inc. (DVAX)
Dynavax Technologies is a biopharmaceutical company known for developing products and technologies to help manage autoimmune illnesses, asthma and infectious diseases. The company is among typical grey market medical penny stocks with an average volume of trades amounting to about 353K.

3. Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA.PK)
Medical Marijuana is among highly popular marijuana penny stocks to watch for many reasons. The company does it all when it comes to delivering cannabis and hemp products to its customers across the country. Under the umbrella of the Medical Marijuana Inc. there are several companies that develop, grow, extract and produce a wide array of products ranging from cannabinoid chewing gum, new extraction technologies and brand new products altogether.

4. Cannabis Science, Inc. (CBIS)
Cannabis Science is another marijuana specialized company which goes under the flagmanship of Dr. Melamede. Being one of the leading medical researchers in the field, he is working hard to get FDA approval for many of his cannabinoid-based products.

5. Hansen Medical, Inc (HNSN)
Hansen Medical is a company involved in manufacturing of medical robotics equipment used in high precision vascular surgical operations. Their equipment is used for positioning and control of Catheter Equipment for cardiology centers and clinics.

6. Columbia Laboratories, Inc. (CBRX)
Columbia Laboratories is a major novel drug developer among pharmaceutical penny stocks companies showcasing steady growth patterns. They utilize relatively innovative bioadhesive drug delivery approach virtually negating the need for painful daily intramuscular injections. The company specializes on progesterone and testosterone creams, gels and suppositories.

7. Revolutions Medical Corp (RMCP)
Revolutions Medical is involved in the production of safety syringes, needles and IV catheters. In addition the company develops software compatible with MRI and other imaging equipment. With these medical penny stocks you wouldn’t have to worry about low liquidity as these are currently trading at a rather high average volume for small caps at 5,6 million for the last 30 days.

8. CannaVest Corp. (CANV)
CannaVest is among hot penny stocks if you believe in the medical hemp technology. The company offers a wide array of products containing industrial hemp plant including tinctures, capsules, wellness and personal care.

9. Liberator Medical Holdings, Inc. (LBMH)
Liberator Medical is one of the leading micro-cap medical supply companies providing hospitals with diabetic, urological equipment and post-mastectomy undergarments. The company is among grey market medical penny stocks with average trades of 117K over the last 30 days.

10. Neuralstem, Inc. (CUR)
Neuralstem is a biotech company manufacturing neural brain and spinal cord stem cells in large quantities necessary to treat brain and spinal cord injuries that have currently no known cures. As of today CUR has completed phased I and II of the trials.