Top 10 List of Best Penny Stocks to Buy Right Now in USA

Best Penny Stocks to Buy Right Now

All of the stocks presented below are currently trading at the US stock markets and present companies that are involved in various sectors on economy ranging from social gaming, pharmaceutical, gold mining and oil industries. All of them developed products and technologies that make them stand out above the rest.Here is the top ten list of best penny stocks to buy right now in US.

1. Zynga, Inc. (ZNGA)
It is among the NASDAQ penny stock list including some of the best penny stocks to buy right now in the US. The company is a provider of games available on a number of platforms including Apple, Android and Windows phone devices, social networking sites like Facebook and Google+. Though its shares have fallen compared to their original trading numbers, the company is working hard on developing more app-based games and integrating them within social networks.

2. American Cannabis Company Inc. (AMMJ)
This Company belongs to the best marijuana penny stocks to watch list for many reasons. The company is headquartered in Denver, Co and is deeply involved with development and integration a large array of cannabis based products, cultivation equipment, special living soil for growth and irrigation system.

3. Minco Gold Corp. (MGH)
This stock is among the best penny stocks to buy right now because it bases most of its mining projects in China, one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. Most of its properties are located in Changkeng, Longnan and Gold Bull Mountain projects in China. The company has recently announced its acquisition of a mining project in Mongolia, which will further reinforce its presence in the gold mining market in Asia.

4. Dejour Energy, Inc. (DEJ)
One of the popular oil penny stocks, this company is headquartered in Canada and owns 88,500 net acres of gas and oil leases located in British Columbia. The company has had a tremendous growth over 2014 and is currently considered undervalued and included in many penny stocks to watch listings.

5. Lake Shore Gold Corp. (LSG)
One of the best penny stocks to buy right now because in 2013 year alone the company announced its production to reach 52,300 ounces of gold with $556 cash operating cost per ounce. This successful gold mining company operates three fully owned gold producing projects in Timmins Gold Camp located in Canada. For the first 9 months in 2014 Lake Shore Gold totaled 144,500 ounces of gold production making it one of the best penny stocks in the gold mining sector.

6. Novavex, Inc. (NVAX)
One of the best penny stocks to buy right now in the pharmaceutical market because the company has focused its efforts on developing cruicial vaccines to help fight pandemic flu, rabies and respiratory viruses. The company is on a fastrack to receive FDA approval because it is currently working on Ebola vaccine.

7. Cowen Group, Inc. (COWN)
This Company is often quoted to be among best penny stocks to buy right now. Cowen Group is in the alternative investment business providing its customers with professional trading services, banking and research. By October 1st, 2014 the company’s assets under management reached a number of $12.2 billion which in itself explains why company’s profits increased by 80% for the three quarters in 2014.

8. Enerpulse Technologies, Inc. (ENPT)
One of the greener best penny stocks to buy right now that has showcased an incredible innovative technology to reduce carbon emissions in cars by incorporating NanoPlasma Assisted Combustion Technologies in their spark plugs. Not only does this technology assist in reducing carbon emissions, it also helps increase engine efficiency in cars, trucks and motorcycles.

9. Great Western Minerals Group, Ltd. (GWMGF)
The company is included in the best penny stocks to by right now list because it is deeply involved in developing precious metal alloys used in the space, battery and magnet industries. The company’s subsidiary owns and operates several mining projects in South Africa.

10. Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ARNA)
This California based bio-pharmaceutical company develops oral medications to fight gross obesity in patients whose BMI indexes are over 30 or greater. The medication works by inhibiting G-protein coupled receptors and facilitate weight loss. The company’s drug is still pending FDA approval.