Top 10 Gold Penny Stocks List

Gold Penny Stocks

Gold penny stocks allow investors to get into the stock market of gold and precious metals at a relatively low start up capital of less than $5 per stock and a potential to realize incredible gains. If you respect risk, invest within your means and do your research, you will be striding down Penny Street in no time with a nice selection of popular penny stocks in your portfolio.

We searched high and low and compiled a list of top 10 gold penny stocks below for your consideration recommended by top penny stock analysts in hopes of creating a lot of penny stock success stories for the investors.

1. Golden Star Resources Ltd. (GSS)
Their gold penny stocks are commonly traded on NYSE, the stock has overall good standings with the market and is among pretty high volume penny stocks amounting to over 2,6 mil per 30 days on average. The company itself owns several gold exploratory and mining projects in West Africa and South America. It also has expanded its gold mining interests to other African countries like Niger, Burkina Faso and Ghana.

2. Midway Gold Corp (MDW)
Apart from the majority of gold mining companies working outside the United States to explore gold, this company made its goal to focus its exploratory mission in areas of Nevada and Washington States. The company is in the exploratory stages of its production thus the low cost of its gold penny stocks and potential high returns according to some analysts. The company has not limited its focus to gold, it continues to look for silver and mineral rich deposits across the US.

3. Paramount Gold and Silver Corporation (PZG)
The company has been successfully involved in silver and gold exploration and mining for a number of years at its project sites located in Northern Nevada and Mexico. Most of its Mexican projects are located in the popular gold/ silver belt Sierra Madre Occidental district.

4. Vista Gold Corp (VGZ)
This gold penny stocks company is among relatively low trading volume choices, however an incredible 20 year history of exploration, mining and research. Its gold mines are not limited to South America, specifically to Baja California Sur in Mexico but spread all the way across the world to the Northern Territories of Australia.

5. Timberline Resources Corporation (TLR)
The gold penny stocks from this company are worth considering because it focuses its gold exploratory efforts on the Western portion of the US, specifically Nevada. Lookout Mountain Project and South Eureka are company’s most promising gold projects to date.

6. Gold Reserve, Inc. (GDRZF)
Gold Reserve stocks are among great penny stocks to add to your portfolio because this company headquartered in Washington State has been mining and prospecting for gold in Bolivar State, Venezuela since the 1950’s. Today it operates about 55 gold mining projects across the area. The company regularly files with SEC and has an excellent investors’ track record.

7. Minco Gold Corporation (MGH)
Minco Gold has spread its gold prospecting and mining interests in China and has recently announced significant equity interests in the projects in Mongolia. Interestingly, you can also acquire silver penny stocks through its subsidiary company Minco Silver Corporation that also prospects and mines for silver.

8. New Gold Inc. (NGD)
These gold penny stocks are currently trading at average 5.2 million volume within 30 days and have showcased a good track record of filing financials and providing investors with necessary information. The company diversifies most of its gold prospecting operations across several continents, namely, North and South America and Australia one of the gold richest regions in the world. The company’s projects are currently estimated to carry over 18 million troy ounces of gold and silver.

9. Claude Resources Inc. (CLGRF)
Claude Resources offers successful penny stocks from its large scale operating company centered mainly in Canada. Since 1991, the company has mined over 1 million oz of gold and has proven to deliver effectively even in good economic times when prices for gold are quite low.

10. Comstock Mining, Inc. (LODE)
Comstock are gold mining stocks with a good track record and operations mostly located in the Nevada flatlands. The company carries out successful operations in gold and silver mining industries.

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