Top 10 ETRADE Penny Stocks to Choose

ETRADE Penny Stocks

E*TRADE is one of the most popular penny stock brokers online offering competitive commission fees along with super user friendly way to invest in virtually any company including penny stock companies. One of our other articles on the site has explained in details how to buy penny stocks on ETRADE, this one will dwell on which ETRADE penny stocks are currently popular and deserve investors’ attention.

What makes E*TRADE site great is your ability to search through the suggested Top lists allowing to pin point some of the best penny stocks to buy now. All of these lists have been made possible by a group of independent professional stock analysts and could be accessed by all E*TRADE customers absolutely free of charge. ETRADE penny stocks can be successfully prescreened by a set of search criteria based on market capitalization, pricing, specific market sector and other important factors.

Below you will see a brief snapshot of top 10 ETRADE penny stocks to consider investing into:

1. Uni-Pixel Inc. (UNXL)
This Texas based Company focuses its efforts in Diversified Electronics market sector and is involved in a production of performance-engineered films to be used in display and touch screens. Additionally, it supplies screen manufactures with special hard coat resin and conductive films to be used with various electronic devices. It markets its products under two major brand names, Copperhead and Diamond Guard.

2. Orexigen Therapeutics (OREX)
These pharmaceutical penny stocks are one of the top choices for E*TRADE customers. The company is involved in developing and testing weight loss drugs in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Most of their innovative medications have reached stages II and III of clinical trials with excellent results.

3. Sirius XM (SIRI)
With over 2,000 employees, this radio broadcasting company is definitely among the most promising ETRADE penny stocks to consider for purchase. The Company is in the business of broadcasting news, music sports, weather and traffic alerts along with various talk and entertainment radio shows. Additionally, it allows its customers to access multiple channels via Internet or mobile phone apps. Among its other business ventures, the company delivers Backseat TV, a specialized children targeted video broadcasting service.

4. Amyris, Inc. (AMRS)
This chemical sector company makes its goal to find alternative renewable sources for petroleum based transportation and chemical industries. Its current interest is held with producing specialized microbes that will be able to process plant sourced sugars into hydrocarbons. The company is also working on creating safer and cleaner alternatives to transportation fuels, lubricants and commercial fragrance markets.

5. Novavax Inc. (NVAX)
These innovative biopharmaceutical ETRADE penny stocks come straight from the Company involved in the development, testing and production of nanoparticle based commercial scale vaccines against pandemic flu, rabies, Ebola and other dangerous diseases. FDA approval of one or even more so multiple vaccines would simply catapult prices of these ETRADE penny stocks and send them through the roof. Consider investing into these stocks and you may be telling your friends and family your personal penny stock success stories.

6. First Physicians Capital Group, Inc. (FPCG)
This particular Company specializes in providing rural and community hospitals with various management services, including IT, HR, accounting, financial and other ancillary services. Additionally, it provides temporary and part time staffing services and solutions.

7. Derma Sciences, Inc. (DSCI)
The Company specializes in wound regenerating technologies and produces MEDIHONEY wound dressings solutions for hard to heal wounds after surgeries, burn victims and ulcers. Among their other products health professionals will find TCC-EZ bandages for diabetic foot ulcers, XTRASORB dressings that absorb excessive wound drainage and DERMAGRAM antimicrobial wound washes, just to name a few.

8. Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RIGL)
Rigel Pharmaceuticals works on developing small molecule based drugs for an array of muscle disorders, autoimmune and anti-inflammatory conditions. It has several collaboration agreements with large pharmaceutical companies including Bristol Myers Squibb and BerGenBio.

9. Genetic Technologies, Inc. (GENE)
This unique company is specialized in developing and manufacturing a wide array of genetic tests to check for ovarian, uterine and prostate cancer. This also helps oncologists to devise the best possible treatment plan to attack the genetic specific tumors. Among its other products, the company manufactures a series of neurogenetic tests, peace of mind paternity, forensics and canine health tests.

10. Zagg Inc. (ZAGG)
This Company is deeply involved in manufacturing and distributing mobile accessories products including earbuds and headphones, screen protection films for tablets and smartphones.

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