Top 10 Energy Penny Stocks List

Energy Penny Stocks

Slumping oil prices in the world and major oil companies exploring alternative oil sources like shale oil drilling create some of the lowest oil penny stocks prices for the last couple of years. Many market analysts agree that there is no better time to get into the energy penny stocks than now.

Apart from actual oil and natural gas penny stocks, there are always quite lucrative alternative energy sources companies involved in generating solar, wind, geothermal and even biomass algae energy.

When it comes to compiling a nearly ideal portfolio of energy penny stocks, savvy market investors give a solid penny stock advice to make sure that you invest in companies that work with various sources of energy, not just traditional crude oil and gas.

Below we have carefully selected a list of various energy penny stocks to consider:

1. Abraxas Petroleum Corporation (AXAS)
The energy penny stocks list starts with a traditional Texas based company involved in exploration, development and production of natural gas and crude oil on the territories of the Rocky Mountains, Texas Gulf Coast Basin and Alberta, Canada areas. At the end of 2013 the reserve estimates were calculated to carry 31 million barrels of crude oil on its projects of North America.

2. Cubic Energy, Inc. (CBNR)
This is another traditional energy player that is involved in a similar natural gas and oil production and exploration in Texas and Louisiana, however it also holds production interests in natural gas liquids on the Eastern territories of Texas.

3. Plug Power Inc. (PLUG)
This alternative energy source company specializes for providing fuel cell systems for off road vehicles like fork lifts and hybrid consumer vehicles. Their proton membrane fuel cells and hydrogen fueled technology for government agencies, business and commercial consumers across the country.

4. MagneGas Corporation (MNGA)
These are among alternative energy penny stocks to include in your research because the company is heavily involved in hydrogen driven alternative energy technology. It actually reworks carbon-rich liquids into hydrogen and bottles it into cylinders to be later used in the metalworking market. MNGA also holds production interests in the liquid waste processing and plasma arc technology.

5. Capstone Infrastructure Corporaton (MCQPF)
This Company offers some of the most diversified energy penny stocks on the market because it invests in a wide array of alternative energy technologies. Capstone Infrastructure Corp focuses on re-powering productions with clean electricity across North America and owns business interests in municipal clean heating in Sweden along with investing in generating solar, biomass and wind energy in Canada and the US.

6. Primary Energy Recycling Corp. (PRI.TO)
This remanufacturer of head and byproduct energy from large factories in the United States. It converts recycled energy into heat and electricity and sells it back to the consumers. As of 2014, the company operated four energy-recycling facilities and co-invested in a pulverized coal electrical generation operation.

7. Capstone Turbine Corporation (CPST)
The Company offers alternative energy penny stocks and focuses on the production of microturbines for stationary power generators. It also provides after market parts, accessories and technologies that combine renewable energy sources.

8. Yingli Green Energy Holdings Ltd. (YGE)
One of the largest solar panels manufacture in the world, this Chinese producer offers photovoltaic modules to its customers in Israel, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium and other countries around the world. Consider these among some of the finest solar penny stocks to buy from the Company that specializes on PV cells, modules and integrated PV systems along with continuous development and management of large solar panel projects. The company primarily sells its products to large wholesalers through its subsidiaries in many parts of the world.

9. Synthesis Energy Systems (SYMX)
Make sure to include these energy penny stocks in your penny stocks list because the company makes its goal to develop gasification technologies. This will enable to convert energy waste products, agricultural biomass and coal wastes to some of the cleanest energy sources such as electrical power and transportation fuels.

10. Uranium Resources Incorporated (URRE)
Our energy penny stocks to watch list would not be complete without including this particular market player and producer of entirely different energy sources. The company specializes in development and operation of several uranium properties in Texas and New Mexico.