Top 10 Canadian Penny Stocks to Watch List

Canadian Penny Stocks

Why should you invest in Canadian penny stocks? The answer is simple: while many consider investing in many up and coming corporations in China or Europe, why not look at the North American partner, a country with stable economic environment and developing at no lesser paces than China or India? Most Canadian penny stocks are easier to gain information about than any other selection from alternative countries, which means more control over where to channel investors’ funds. Less risk is another important consideration making Canadian penny stocks a worthy investment choice. In addition to all of the benefits of choosing Canadian penny stocks, we can not forget to mention that this country has immeasurable mineral resources besides rare earth elements like gold and silver, including uranium, copper, nickel and zinc. Petroleum and natural gas are also very plentiful in Canada.

Below you will find a penny stocks list from companies’ headquarted in Canada.

1. Abattis Bioceuticals Corp (ATTBF)
This Company is involved in a biotechnology field specializing in medical marijuana by developing, cultivating and distributing technologies to companies across North America. Their developments can be used in cosmetics, medical supplements and pharmaceutical formulations. Make sure to consider these marijuana penny stocks for your well-diversified portfolio.

2. Affinor Growers, Inc. (RSSFF)
These Canadian penny stocks come from the company engaged in an agricultural sector of the market. Along with growing produce, the company makes an effort to develop medical marijuana crops in the up and coming market.

3. Advance Gold Corporation (AAX.V)
The Company is involved in the developing stages of exploration of mineral resources in Africa, namely Tanzania and Kenya. This Canadian based company has so far acquired interest in three major mineral projects in Western Kenya. These mining penny stocks are perfectly priced to add them to your portfolio.

4. Alabama Graphite Corporation (ALP.V)
These Canadian penny stocks are a must to consider for a super budget investment opportunity. It focuses its efforts on acquiring and developing graphite mineral resource project mostly on the territory of Coosa County, Alabama in the US.

5. Alter NRG Corporation (ANRGF)
Being engaged in alternative energy sources field, the company specializes in plasma gasification technologies to projects across North America and other parts of the world. The technology works by converting various types of industrial waste into the renewable energy sources.

6. Copper Fox Metals, Inc. (CPFXF)
In order to create a well-rounded investment portfolio, it’s worth considering asking your penny stock broker what industries are worth considering. Most provide penny stock advice that including Canadian penny stocks from the energy and mining market sectors is a great option. This particular company specializes in developing and exploring copper mineral properties in British Columbia, Canada. Among its other projects, investors will be interested to find about the Company’s other vested interests in gold/ silver and molybdenum projects in the Northwest parts of Canada.

7. Forum Uranium Corporations (FDCFF)
This Canadian based Corporation is focused on developing and exploring uranium mineral projects across Canada. Among its other interest is mining for rare earth minerals such as gold and silver.

8. Capstone Infrastructure Corporation (CSE.TO)
Energy penny stocks are also a great way to diversify your small cap portfolio. This particular Corporation along with its subsidiaries is focused on developing and manufacturing thermal and renewable energy generators and invests in multiple projects all across North America. It provides services to commercial, multi-residential and individual clients across Canada.

9. Sirius XM Canada Holdings (XSR.CO)
This broadcasting corporation provides subscription-based services on its satellite based radio channels featuring ad-free music, sports and radio talk shows. This subscription allows customers to access their favorite radio stations on portable mobile devices, phones, cars and even boats.

10. CERF Incorporated (CFL.V)
The Company specializes in equipment leasing and waste management services, including electrical equipment for contractors, painters, manufacturers, commercial and individual clients.

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