NYSE Penny Stocks: Top 10 Penny Stocks to Consider!

NYSE Penny Stocks

Also commonly known as the “Big Board”, the New York Stock Exchange located downtown Manhattan on Wall Street is one of the world’s largest security exchanges in the world. Some of the worlds most influential companies list their stocks on NYSE including Coca-Cola, GE and Wal-Mart. It costs companies hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to list with NYSE, not to mention the efforts to maintain the active listing status by adhering to industry’s strictest standards and regulations. Start up companies normally do not list with NYSE due to their exorbitant fees which can ring up to $250,000 initiation fee and $500,000 listing fees. Smaller start-ups normally end up on NASDAQ penny stock list because of considerably lower listing fees.

However, there are still some NYSE penny stocks of companies that have their stocks priced at $5 or below per share. Most of these companies are rather big corporations facing financially difficult times. The mere fact that these are NYSE penny stocks gives so much more credibility to these selections.

Please refer below where we list some of the top penny stocks to watch in 2015:

1. Kingsway Financial Services, Inc. (KFS)
The Company operates through its subsidiaries to provide insurance underwriting and actual insurance provision products. This full service insurance company offers a variety of services including and not limited to casualty, automobile, property, personal injury and home insurance.

2. Agria Corporation (GRO)
The international agricultural company owns and operates several businesses across South America, China and New Zealand. The company works in several business segments, mainly seeds, crop protection through fertilization and also livestock trading operations. Agria Corporation also owns a number of stores providing farmers with essential tools and supplies along with irrigation services. Consider including GRO as part of your top penny stocks to buy list.

3. Emulex Corporation (ELX)
This Company offers some of the best technology NYSE penny stocks. ELX is currently focusing its efforts in providing network communication, data optimization and acceleration through the range of Ethernet and Fiber Channel connectivity devices. The connectivity products are designed to be used with industry’s leading servers offered by IMB, CISCO, Dell, EMC, Oracle, Hewlett Packard and others.

4. Frontline, Ltd. (FRO)
This international shipping company is specialized in charter of the sea vessels and currently own several oil tanker in 2 common sizes. FRO operates through partners and subsidiaries scattered across Bermuda, Cayman Islands, India, Liberia, Singapore and UK.

5. Penn Virginia, Corporation (PVA)
Consider including this oil and natural gas penny stocks as part of your portfolio. The company that describes itself as a natural gas and crude oil explorer and producer offers these NYSE penny stocks. It bases most of its operations in the US, mostly in TX, OK and MS.

6. Swift Energy Company (SFT)
This Company founded in 1979 owns several operating facilities in Texas and Louisiana for exploration and acquisition of natural gas and crude oil. These great penny stocks are perfectly priced right now to add to your portfolio, granted it is rather hard to find small cap stocks on NYSE to begin with. According to the recent report their proved reserves are amounting to 64% natural gas and 20% crude oil, and 16% natural gas liquids.

7. Comstock Resources, Inc. (CRK)
This Company headquartered in Texas offers some of the best energy NYSE penny stocks to buy. CRK owns and operates approximately 1,500 drilling wells for collecting crude oil and natural gas resources. Most of company’s wells are located in South Texas and Louisiana.

8. Higher One Holdings, Inc. (ONE)
This Company provides services to major higher education establishments to facilitate refund management and disbursement services. It also handles payroll services for campuses, staff and students.

9. EXCO Resources (XCO)
The EXCO is a company involved in a US based energy market sector and focuses its effort on exploring and acquiring natural gas and crude oil rich regions of the onshore US, mainly in Texas, Louisiana and Appalachian region. If you buy these hot penny stocks, you are going to invest in the shale oil resources play.

10. Petrolio Brasiliero S.A. (PBR)
This Brazilian based crude oil and natural gas company has contracts with the government of Brazil to conduct various oil production and refining processes. The company has been among NYSE penny stocks since 2000 and continues to grab investors’ interest.