Natural Gas Penny Stocks List – Best Picks by Experts!

Natural Gas Penny Stocks

Investing in oil and natural gas penny stocks are one of the smartest investment choices one can make, and especially a newbie investor. It is simply a stable form of investment because there will always be the need for it in the modern society, so there is really no shortage of demand. Natural gas penny stocks might just be the perfect recipe for building a beginners stock portfolio. With less than $5 per share and booming economy, they could simply be the best penny stock picks of this year.

Below you can browse through our selection of the best natural gas penny stocks to consider.

1. Halcon Resources Corporation (HK)
The mere fact that these natural gas penny stocks trade on NYSE is a great factor to consider since well-educated investors know how difficult it is for any company to stay afloat in a very stringent world of the NYSE stocks. These profitable penny stocks saw incredible oil and natural gas rich jump in production capacity of 140% at the end of 2013. The Company continues to build its production potential at its top projects of Bakken/ Three Forks properties in North Dakota.

2. SandRidge Energy, Inc. (SD)
These popular penny stocks are also traded on NYSE making them a valuable addition virtually to any stock portfolio. This natural gas and oil company works on acquisition, development and production of the properties in the Midcontinent USA. In addition to actual oil and natural gas production, the company provides various oil field services including equipment rental, trucking, transportation and oil well location consulting.

3. Magnum Hunter Resources, Inc. (MHR)
This is another awesome addition to your natural gas penny stocks selection from a company once again listed on NYSE. This Houston based Company is heavily involved in the exploration and production of natural gas and oil across its properties in North Dakota and West Virginia. But the best factor that places this stock on a top penny stocks list is that the company recently established one of the best shale gas drill well in the US located in the Utica Shale of West Virginia.

4. Northern Oil and Gas Inc. (NOG)
NOG natural gas penny stocks come directly from the company engaged in gas and oil drilling on the territory of the United States. Its major gas and oil projects Bakken and Three Forks developments located in North Dakota and Montana.

5. Gastar Exploration Inc. (GST)
This Texas born and bred natural gas and oil company focuses its efforts on exploring, developing and production of crude oil, natural and liquefied gas in Texas, Oklahoma and West Virginia.

6. Zargon Oil and Gas Ltd. (ZAR.TO)
These energy penny stocks are worth considering if you are striving to create a solid investment portfolio. This Canadian Company holds oil interests in the Alberta Plains South and North and has a proven reserve of over 22 million barrels of oil on its projects.

7. Petrobras Argentina SA (PZE)
This South American Company specializes in all-encompassing oil and natural gas operations, including development and production, refinery and distribution, manufacturing petrochemicals and gas and energy production. The majority of its projects and production facilities are located across South America, namely, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador and Bolivia.

8. Teekay Tankers Ltd. (TNK)
This Bermuda based company offers natural crude oil and petroleum based products marine transportation vessels to worldwide destinations. As of the end of 2014 its vessel fleet amounted to over 30 oil tankers.

9. North American Oil and Gas Corporation (NAMG)
This company also known as Calendar Dragon, Inc. holds natural gas and oil interests in the San Joaquin Basin in California. It specializes in developing and exploring gas and oil rich properties across California.

10. Black Ridge Oil and Gas, Inc. (ANFC)
This Minnesota based Corporation is engaged in a multi-directional process of acquisition, development and exploration of natural gas and oil rich properties in North Dakota and Montana. At the end of 2014, the Company has proven oil and gas reserves in over 350 wells across its properties. This stock may be a great selection to add to any natural gas penny stocks list.