Nasdaq Penny Stock List: 10 Best Performers!

Nasdaq Penny Stock List

Not just any company gets listed on the NASDAQ market, all companies must meet a series of criteria to get qualified. When choosing either NASDAQ or NYSE penny stocks, you can be sure that the companies have a solid reputation, top notch management team and impressive financials to have the honors to make the NASDAQ penny stock list. Even after the companies have met the necessary qualifications, the work does not end there for them – the companies must strive to maintain their market capitalization and share prices. The minimum price cut off for most NASDAQ penny stock list companies is $4 per share or $2 if a company meets other criteria. Failure to maintain these standards will result in delisting from the NASDAQ penny stock list.

Below we have selected top 10 performers in the NASDAQ penny stock list category.

1. Merge Healthcare, Inc. (MRGE)
The Company is among NASDAQ hot penny stocks involved in one of the promising fields of healthcare, data imaging technologies. Merge Healthcare is working on integrating medical imaging databases and facilitating diagnostic workflow. It is currently working on expanding its influence to the international markets.

2. Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. (LIOX)
Lionbridge Technologies is a company involved in helping other companies establish businesses in foreign environments and meeting international cultural, business and industry specific requirements necessary for successful globalization. Among its additional services it offers are translation, marketing and application testing services.

3. I.D. Systems, Inc. (IDSY)
I.D. Systems is involved in a wireless technology businesses working with such giants like Wal-Mart and the US Postal System to manage their remote warehouse equipment. The company’s sales started going up ever since it has landed a large contract with Avis Budget Group. I.D. Systems is currently working on acquiring new contracts with the companies involved in dairy, tobacco and packaging manufacturing. Make sure to include IDSY on your top NASDAQ penny stock list.

4. Derma Sciences, Inc. (DSCI)
Derma Sciences is one of the best penny stocks to buy right now for two main reasons. First, the company has become known on the market for producing high quality bandages with wound healing ointment technology. Additionally, the company is heavily involved in stage II of development a very promising wound healing drug DSC-127 that will help change the whole wound treatment field of medicine. Though the company has been pumping lots of fresh cash into the research of the drug, the financials are staying strong due to increased revenues of the company’s existing products.

5. Capstone Turbine Corporation (CPST)
Though the company’s stock is in its lowest price range due to past slower performance, it is currently working on elevating the micro-turbine industry to the new levels. Their innovative technology allows generating power even in some of the most remote areas and assisting as back up power sources during blackouts. Capstone Turbine Corp. has finally reached its first 100 million sales limit in 2012 creating a great opportunity to purchase stocks at a low price.

6. Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RIGL)
Rigel Pharmaceuticals is a San Francisco, CA based company specializing in developing and testing a variety of drugs targeting inflammatory and autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, lupus, eye conditions and muscle disorders. These pharmaceutical penny stocks are a must to look into because in late February 2015 the company announced its collaboration with Briston-Myers Squibb Co. to work on small molecule beta receptor kinase inhibitors for a variety of oncological conditions.

7. Genetic Technologies Ltd. (GENE)
Genetic Technologies is an Australian based diagnostic supply company offering a wide array of products for the genetic testing of cancer conditions, including breast, ovarian, prostate and bowel malignancies. Our penny stocks list would not be complete without this huge gainer over the past year, with its shares shooting up to 93%. Genetic Technologies has recently opened six new breast cancer diagnostic centers promising to even further raise the company’s stock prices.

8. Hudson Global, Inc. (HSON)
Hudson Global is on our NASDAQ penny stocks list because the company has shown a steady growth pattern over the last year of 2014. This recruiting agency specializes on contract consulting, temporary and permanent recruitment and outsourcing solutions in North America, Asia and Europe.

9. PostRock Energy Corp. (PSTR)
PostRock Energy stock is a must selection on any NASDAQ penny stock list if you are interested to invest in a natural gas and oil company focused on exploration, development and production in the regions of Alaska. With the sharply declining oil prices, PSTR has taken measures to significantly cut its production costs and is gearing up for another successful year.

10. Exelixis Inc. (EXEL)
Exelixis is a pharmaceutical company engaged in the development and production of thyroid cancer drugs. These NASDAQ penny stock list selections have increased by 40% to date and continue to grow presenting awesome opportunities for investors.

By incorporating a diverse selection of stocks from various market sectors, investors are able to significantly spread penny stock risks.