Most Active Penny Stocks of the Last Decade: Top 10 Picks!

Most Active Penny Stocks

Any seasoned penny stock trader would agree that investing in the most active penny stocks are the way to go. Active trading status means that there is an interest from other investors so you can be positive that you will be able to sell them off fast if you need to. Holding on to penny stocks for too long for various reasons may result in significant losses on your investment and timely actions are very important.

However, besides looking at which picks are the most active penny stocks, it is important to consider other no less important factors when making your final selections of top penny stocks. According to generally accepted penny stock advice beginner investors should look into penny stock recommendations that trade at no less than 100,000 daily volume activity levels.

Please be advised that the analysis was conducted on June 1st, 2015 and most active penny stocks volumes change frequently throughout the day.

1. Oncothyreon Inc. (ONTY)
This Company is among the most active penny stocks looking at the volume of the trades which amounted to 24,900,000 of daily tradings as of 5/29/2015. These biotech penny stocks could be a great addition to any portfolio since the company is working with medical researchers to find more effective treatments for cancer. It is currently involved in clinical trial stages of testing several cancer medications for treating various forms of cancer including breast, ovarian, thyroid and others.

2. Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ATNM)
This Company offers biopharmaceutical penny stocks and bases its operations on developing new treatments for cancer. It utilizes its unique alpha particle immunotherapy platform for the clinical trials and research. Its daily volume trading activities registered at over 1,627,000, which is quite impressive for a penny stock company indicating interest among investors.

3. Peabody Energy Corp (BTU)
This St. Louis based company is engaged in coal mining operations and invests in clean coal technology. Its daily trading volume contracts boasted 8,538,000.

4. Hyper Solar (HYSR)
This alternative energy company offers solar penny stocks that showed daily trading volume of 1,663,000. This company is in the business of developing solar powered nanoparticle systems that generate the energy of the sun.

5. Kinross Gold Corp (KGC)
This corporation trades gold penny stocks based on its gold and silver mining operations on the territories of Canada, United States, Brazil, China, Russia, Ghana and Mauritania. These shares registered the volume trading levels over 2,522,000.

6. Gold Field Ltd. (GFI)
This full operations South African gold mining company is involved in prospecting, developing and extracting gold, silver and copper ore at its properties across Africa, South America and Australia. Its daily trading volumes registered at 2,161,000.

7. IAMGOLD Corporation (IAG)
Boasting daily trading volumes of 1,196,000, this Canada based gold mining company engages in developing, extracting and processing gold, silver and copper from its properties located in North and South America, and Africa.

8. Advanced Microdevices (AMD)
This IT and hardware based Company is involved in a business of developing and producing semiconductor equipment, including microprocessor for laptops and desktops, server systems, digital signage and much more. Their stocks traded at 2,160,000 daily volumes at the time of analysis conducted.

9. Celadon Corp (CLDN)
CLDN are among most active penny stocks boasting 2,039,000 in daily volume trading. The Company is involved in biotechnology field and works on cardiovascular gene therapy research and calcium deregulation. It has been established that insufficient levels of certain enzymes lead to heart pumping irregularities, which the innovative technology is studied to fix.

10. Gerdau S.A. (GGB)
This Brazilian Corporation produces and sells steel products to clients worldwide. Its daily trading volumes boast 2,029,000 positioning them among most active penny stocks on the market.