List of Penny Stocks under One Dollar: Top 10 Picks!

List of Penny Stocks

For all of you budget investors out there, we present a list of penny stocks priced for just a fraction of a dollar to create a super affordable investment picks with low penny stock risks. The beauty of penny stocks is that investors of all shapes and sizes are able to take advantage of top penny stock to buy lists at very little money to start with. Before you begin browsing through our list of penny stocks, please be advised to stay entirely away from penny stock pink sheets due to their high volatility and risk.

1. American Cannabis Company, Inc. (AMMJ)
American Cannabis is on our list of penny stocks belonging in the medical marijuana field. Once of the up and coming medical sectors that deserves a second look in the light of the news that 23 American States have legalized medical marijuana usage in a variety of delivery forms. American Cannabis Company specializes in product development, consulting services and innovative agricultural approaches in the medical marijuana field. Consider putting this selection on your penny stocks list.

2. Rexhahn Pharmaceutical, Inc. (RNN)
Rexhahn is one of the developing pharmaceutical penny stocks involved in the clinical stages of developing medications to treat cancer affected cells. According to their innovative research, this medication is intended to target special proteins found in cancerous cells to make them less toxic to a human body. The clinical trials for Supinoxin are scheduled to end in the first quarter of 2015 which depending on the results might send the stop in the upward spiral. This is certainly one of the top picks for the list of penny stocks to consider.

3. Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CYCC)
Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals offers biotech penny stocks for just under a dollar apiece. The company has affiliates in Scotland and New Jersey, USA and is deeply involved in the research of cancer medications. These drugs have a targeted approach to suppress the viability of cancer cells by affecting various enzymes. This should definitely get on your list of penny stocks because Goldman Sachs Group and Tang Capital Management are among the company’s major shareholders.

4. Dejour Energy, Inc. (DEJ)
Dejour Energy is an oil penny stock company with focus on exploratory natural gas and oil projects in Canada and the US. Since the US is placing a high emphasis on developing domestic natural gas and oil sources, this company might be on the list of penny stocks to buy.

5. Lakeshore Gold Corp (LSG)
LSG is one of the successful gold mining companies with the majority of its projects located in Canada. The company is currently working in two major directions, gold mining across Canada and undertaking gold prospecting operations to located future gold mining sites.

6. Enerpulse Technologies, Inc. (ENPT)
Enerpulse Technologies should land on everyone’s list of penny stocks to buy. Just under a dollar pricing combined with company’s excellent product development and vision make it a winning combination. Currently the company is working on designing and producing spark plug devices intended to reduce carbon emission by engines later to be used in cars, trucks and motorcycles.

7. Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. (GWMGF)
Great Western Minerals is a company engaged in mining and producing rare metal alloys to be used in space and defense industries. It own several rare metal mining operations across North America involved in digging for silver, nickel, iron and cobalt.

8. Minco Gold Corp. (MGH)
Minco Gold is a precious metals company engaged in acquiring properties across China, one of the fastest growing regions in the world. The company also owns a large portfolio of Minco Silver Corp. spreading its interests to other metals other than gold.

9. Gevo Inc. (GEVO)
Gevo is the next century chemical biofuel company developing unique technology for turning feedstock in renewable energy sources. Their next generation biofuel is to be made from isobutanol derived from organic compounds. Their research further lies in a technology to process feedstock into rubberized materials and plastic.

10. Arch Coal, Inc. (ACI)
Arch Coal is involved in Industrial Metals and Minerals market sector and has been in a business of metallurgical and thermal coal production since 1969. At the end of 2014, the company had recorded ownership of 16 coal mines located across the US and has a proven reserve of over 5.1 billion tons of underground coal.