How to Make Money with Penny Stocks Fast?

How to Make Money with Penny Stocks

Almost all new investors are spending hours and hours searching online on how to make money with penny stocks fast. However, is there such thing as making money fast with one of the most volatile sectors of the stock market? The answer is yes!

This has been proven over and over again by some of the most influential penny stock traders in the history like Peter Leeds, Timothy Sykes and Jason Bond. These guys certainly have different strategies and approaches when it comes to answering how to make money with penny stocks but they agree on one fact: it is possible to make money trading penny stocks virtually anytime and anywhere. The trick is finding undervalued penny stocks, which exist in all market scenarios.

Timothy Sykes, a self-made millionaire, was so successful on teaching other people on how to make money with penny stocks that his students boast making over $11 million in profits to date. He started by investing his bar mitzvah cash gifts of $12,000 and turned them into $1.6 million profit. His approach is not based on finding the ultimate list of penny stocks, in fact, he does not care which penny stocks to buy but knowing the exact times when to buy and when to sell for a profit. He is also a firm believer in keeping an online trading log. By meticulously logging in all of your business operations, the number of stocks, purchase prices and financial results, you will quickly notice patterns that clearly make you money and those that should have never been attempted to begin with. If you get a subscription with, you will unlock access to his secrets, webinars, 24/7 online chats and periodic penny stock alerts. There is no better way of learning how to make money with penny stocks than from a penny stock millionaire himself.

Peter Leeds is another authority who will teach you on how to make money with penny stocks. He is a well-known figure in the investment world and also an author of several publications including Penny Stocks for Dummies and Invest in Penny Stocks. His website Peter Leeds Penny Stocks offers a wealth of knowledge and a ton of educational resources on how to cut penny stocks risks and make money fast. His approach is based on the educated strategy on picking successful penny stocks. Brand new investors can get their feet wet by following his high standards in picking just the right selections of stocks that are bound to increase in price. Peter Leeds has appeared on a number of TV shows on NBC, Fox and CNN to name just a few.

Jason Bond is just another successful penny stock trader who applied his previous elementary school teaching expertise on educating people on how to make money with penny stocks. Jason Bond is a swing trader who believes that you should not hold on to any stocks for longer than a few days or weeks in order to lock in the profits. The secret is to identify short term moves on the stock prices triggering your reaction to buy or to sell. If you subscribe to his online website Jason Bond Picks, you will be able to gain access to his user-friendly tutorials on how to make money with penny stocks and avoid losses.

Another, perhaps entirely different strategy, is to short penny stocks. This is definitely not for beginners but rather advanced traders. Shorting penny stocks works by betting on the prices of stocks to go down not up like everyone else does. This could be accomplished by finding a trusted broker who will be willing to lend you a set of stocks for a fee. These should be stocks that are definitely overpriced and headed for a slump. Initially, the set of borrowed stocks is sold with the anticipation that the prices for these stocks go down. Once the prices go down, an investor re-purchases them for a much lower price and returns them to the broker. The difference between the selling and purchase price is the profit of shorting.

In order to start trading you need to open an online account with a penny stock broker, have a start up capital of at least $500 and knowledge on which stocks should be added to your portfolio.