Hot Penny Stocks List: Bull Market vs. Bear Market

Hot Penny Stocks List

The iconic beasts, a bull and a bear, are used to describe a specific market movement as a whole or a single sector. In the bull market, most stocks are moving in the upward movement. Immediately before the bull market trend starts, most investors are overtaken by pessimism due to low values of their investments followed by hope and joy of rising hot penny stocks prices. This happens in accordance with normal economic cycles.

When it comes to finding hot penny stocks lists in a bull market, some savvy penny traders are confident that most “pump and dump” schemes come to the surface specifically during this time which they consider ideal for finding awesome stocks for shorting later on. They believe that during this time promoters get paid the most for pushing top penny stocks to buy on unsuspecting newbie investors.

During the bull market, even investors who do not normally invest in stocks wake up from the slumber and enter the penny stock market to be bombarded by hundreds of best penny stocks to buy spams. The bull market can unfortunately give strength to worthless companies and overinflate their prices. Increased investment interest provides boost to high volume penny stocks allowing companies to generate more profits, hire more workers and overall prosper. Unfortunately, the bull market has to come to an end eventually and even hot penny stocks list companies might go down in price, so here comes the bear.

The bull market is followed by the bear tread characterized by falling stock prices, panic and investors’ depression mode. Investors become incredibly untrusting of any hot penny stocks lists suggestions in fear that the stock prices will continue to drop. As the bearing market trend continues, value investors come to the surface who prefer to buy penny stocks at their rock bottom prices. Some common stock investors might enter the penny stock market attracted by gradually decreasing prices. Other investors are simply too hesitant to buy any stocks, let alone any selections from the hot penny stocks list.

Modern penny stock traders are able to predict market trends based off the high frequency stock trading and advanced computer software. The most experienced traders can benefit in both types of markets.

As we head into the fifth year of the bull market in 2015, what stocks can make the hot penny stocks list? Below you will find some suggestions to consider.

New Gold, Inc. (NGD) will certainly appear on many penny stocks lists recommended by top market analysts because everyone should always invest in precious metals. The company is a great pick because it is a gold mining company with existing and potential gold reserve holdings up to 18.5 million ounces of gold and more than 90 million ounces of silver. The company owns gold mines in North and South Americas and Australia and is constantly working on exploring new sites. Investing in precious metals whether it is buying gold coins or stocks works as a great hedge against inflation and to protect portfolios.

Another worthy selection from popular hot penny stocks list is Atlantic Power Corporation (AT), which is involved in alternative energy sources including hydro and wind projects. Along with alternative energies it also generates traditional coal and gas in the US and Canada across 11 states and provinces. On top of being one of the promising penny stock companies, Atlantic Power also pay 9.6% dividends which is a bonus in itself.

AK Steel Holding Corporation (AKS) has showcased significant growth over the summer of 2014 and continues to climb up in price. The company is involved in production of flat rolled carbon and metal sheets to be used in automotive industries and construction.

Investors should definitely take into account the current market trends when working on compiling personal hot penny stocks lists. Whether the market is bullish or bearing will ultimately dictate which stocks to buy, sell or simply wait.