Chinese Penny Stocks: Top 10 Picks by Experts!

Chinese Penny Stocks

A lot of stock market analysts are amazed at the rise in the Chinese individual investors’ interest amounting to approximately 80% from the total market equity trading. In the recent years Chinese penny stocks priced under 5 Yuan ($0.80) have become especially attractive to domestic investors. Since most of them are inexperienced in the stock market they are driven mostly by the price of penny stocks to invest in, not the company’s assets and earning prospective. In their eyes the low price of hot penny stocks means less risk and more earning potential.

Some of the top Chinese penny stocks are listed below:

1. Adamant DRI Processing and Minerals Group (ADMG)
This Company offers some of the most competitive Chinese penny stocks to consider. It is involved in the mining, processing and producing iron ore concentrate and its products.

2. Aluminum Corporation of China Ltd. (ALMMF)
This Beijing based company is involved in the manufacturing and distribution of the aluminum based products both in China and abroad. The company works in several industries all involving mining, manufacturing and distributing aluminum and its alloy products. The Energy segment of the company is engaged in generating thermal, solar and wind energy to power its plants.

3. Agricultural Bank of China Limited (ACGBF)
This bank headquartered in Beijing, China offers a wide array of corporate and personal banking products. It also provides a range of agro-related credit opportunities for its corporate and retail customers along with maintaining clients’ credit and debit card accounts, providing cash and wealth management services.

4. American Oriental Bioengineering Inc. (AOBI)
The Company offers a wide assortment of pharmaceutical and healthcare products, including SHL Injection powder intended to treat flu like symptoms, bronchitis, tonsillitis and other respiratory conditions. It also manufactures and distributes Cease Enuresis bed wetting gel and patches, Boke nasal spray to treat mild nasal drainage and congestion.

5. Amvig Holdings Limited (AMVGF)
These stocks are among top penny stocks to watch due to the nature of its business. The company is engaged in a cigarette package printing market sector and supplies of cigarette paper and laser film for the packages.

6. Baoshinn Corp (BHNN)
These are great penny stocks to add to your portfolio due to their competitive edge in pricing and cutting edge information and mass media technology involvement. This communications company is owned by Syndicore Asia Limited and is considered a cloud based multimedia partner for a community of content creators and news outlets. Its firm position in the
Asia Pasific multimedia market makes this selection among the best Chinese penny stocks to buy.

7. China Mining International Limited (Y34.SI)
This investment company mostly develops and sells commercial and residential real estate across the People’s Republic of China, however besides that the company is deeply invested in various mining businesses, mostly for nonferrous minerals. This makes it among unique and well-diversified mining penny stocks well worth your consideration.

8. Ceetop Inc. (CTOP)
These Chinese penny stocks come directly from the company that offers an array of software development, implementation and consulting services to its corporate and individual clients.

9. China Everbright Water Limited (BOTRF)
This Company is heavily involved in a water technology market sector including water treatment facilities, water pumps, environmental waste technologies and construction of water treatment facilities. As of the end of 2014, the company has owned and operated 32 water treatment plants across China, 4 reusable water project centers and 10 water-pumping stations. Consider adding these Chinese penny stocks to your portfolio for superior diversification.

10. China Fishery Group Limited (CIFHY)
One of the favorite among penny stock brokers for many reasons including being priced under $2 and being involved in one of the most popular food industry sectors, fish and fish products. The company owns a large fleet of fishing vessels, operates a fishmeal processing facility and various fish products plants.