Best Penny Stocks to Buy: Top 10 Seasoned Trader’s List!

Best Penny Stocks to Buy

It is hard to find a savvier shark in a penny stock-investing world than Timothy Sykes. He became a household name and an online sensation when 10 years ago he turned his $12,000 bar mitzvah cash gift into a several million penny stock portfolio. Not only he made himself reach, he made a goal to make each and every one of his students into penny stock gurus. Today his students boast making over $10 million in profits based on his lessons. Now Tim Sykes is teaching how to find best penny stocks to buy to over 60K students on 6 continents in the world.

Pick from his best penny stocks to buy list and get started in the micro cap investing game:

1. Info Sonics Corp (IFON)
The Company tops Timothy Sykes’s best penny stock to buy list since it has positioned itself in one of the most up and coming technology sectors, wireless communications. It was founded in 1994 in San Francisco and works on developing, producing and marketing wireless communication devices both in the US and abroad. Among its product menu you will find wireless handsets, accessories and Android based smartphones. These are among his top penny stocks to buy selections on his site.

2. Zix Corp (ZIXI)
This Dallas, TX based Technology and Application Software Company is focused on electronic data loss prevention and protection business. It works directly with multiple economy sectors including medical, insurance, financial and even government establishments in the US to provide them with e-mail encryption services and solutions. ZixOne is also their mobile app allowing users to access the company’s server without any danger of data loss or hacking.

3. eFuture Information Technology Inc. (EFUT)
It provides Information Technology services and solutions to the users specifically located in China. The company comes among best penny stock picks because it provides such a wide array of services to commercial consumers across China, including retail stores, distribution and logistics management and transportation businesses. EFUT has made Timothy’s best penny stocks to buy list due to the company’s versatility and adjustability in the ever-changing technology market. It positioned itself as provider of multiple services, software installation and support, mobile shopping platforms, digital cloud services and so much more.

4. Biocept Inc. (BIOC)
These are definitely among Timothy Sykes’s penny stock recommendations because the company is involved in the innovative medical technology sector. BIOC works on creating comprehensive DNA cancer diagnostics testing technology made possible from simple blood samples. The test provides cancer cells characteristics to help doctors pick the most appropriate course of treatment for their patients. The company is working on further testing technology to provide oncologists with tools necessary to analyze specific breast, lung, gastric, colorectal and prostate cancer tumors.

5. TSR, Inc. (TSRI)
TSR provides computer-programming services on a contract basis and is involved in Business Software and Technologies sector. This New York State based company serves a wide array of businesses providing them with offsite IT help desk services, in-house mainframe support and network support. These top penny stocks may be a great addition to your micro cap portfolio.

6. Genetic Technologies Limited (GENE)
This Australian based company has positioned itself on many seasoned traders’ penny stock lists for many reasons. The company is involved in a wide array of genetic testing for ovarian, breast and uterine cancers across Australia and the US. Besides cancer the company offers genetic paternity tests, chromosomal, forensical and other DNA testing.

7. ZAGG Inc. (ZAGG)
These best penny stocks to buy are offered by the company involved in mobile accessories business. It distributes its mobile accessories including screen protectors, ear phones, keyboards for tablets and phones, Bluetooth speakers, phone cases and much more through mass merchandise retailers, Apple retail stores and small youth oriented businesses.

8. Helios and Matheson Analytics, Inc. (HMNY)
The HMNY are highly recommended best penny stocks to buy because the Company offers Information Technology application management services to large Fortune 100 companies. Its clients are associated with various market sectors including Finance, Healthcare, Insurance and Banking. It is also focused on marketing and distribution of software products developed by other technology market players.

9. Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc. (OREX)
This biopharmaceutical company is involved in development and clinical testing of the medications for obesity and heart disease.

10. Strategic Metals Ltd. (SMDZF)
This precious metals mining company is among top Canadian penny stocks to add to your micro cap portfolio. It owns exploration rights across several projects in the Yukon Territory and British Columbia.

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