Best Penny Stock Picks in the Last Three Years List

Best Penny Stock Picks

Penny stocks due to their nature are some of the most volatile commodities at the stock exchange market. Lack of information and little exposure to the investors make penny stock picks highly problematic. Even budding investors know that taking penny stock advice from e-mail news blasts or from your friends and family is not a way to find the best penny stock picks.

How do you find a valuable penny stock companies list that can potentially result in great returns in the future? The only way is to not only look at a certain stock’s price point and buy it because it is cheap but to actually look at company’s assets, liabilities and get informed about its business strategies and plans for the future. Another great way to find best penny stock picks is to go with companies that get traded on major stock exchanges like NYSE or NASDAQ requiring all of their players to fully and regularly disclose all of the financials thus regulating their business operations.

1. Miller Energy Resources, Inc. (MILL)
The Company is actively trading on NYSE and engages in natural gas and oil operations by exploring and developing properties located in South Central Alaska. As of mid 2014, Miller Energy held 11 natural gas and 12 crude oil wells in Alaska.

2. Halkon Resources Operations (HK)
Another NYSE player that specializes in oil and gas drilling operations mostly across its properties in the United States. Among it’s the most oil and natural gas rich properties are Bakken/ Three Forks project in North Dakota and Eagle Ford in East Texas covering over 230,000 acres of land.

3. Magnum Hunter Resources, Inc. (MHR)
This is an independent natural gas, gas liquids and crude oil Company involved in acquisition, exploration and development of natural resource rich lands across the United States. Among its other business ventures are unconventional shale projects located in West Virginia and Ohio. In addition, the Company provides additional service to channel natural gas and crude oil products including marketing, end operations and others.

4. SandRidge Energy Inc. (SD)
Another natural gas and oil company that is also traded on NYSE and is among some of the best penny stock picks for a number of years. Most of its natural gas and oil properties are located in the Midcontinental USA. Additionally, SD provides a plethora of services to aid other natural gas and oil companies by providing consultation services and oil field equipment rentals.

5. China Green Agriculture Incorporated (CGA)
For those looking to diversify their penny stock portfolio should definitely consider these Chinese penny stocks that are also traded on NYSE. The Company specializes in the research, development and production of agricultural fertilizers across China. Among its vast assortment of products large wholesale retailers and farmers will find organic and non-organic fertilizers, compound, blended, slow and rapid release products and water-soluble fertilizers to suit many needs of the market. On top of managing their fertilizer operations, the company is engaged in growing fruit and vegetable crops and also decorative flowers to be distributed among mass merchandisers.

6. PostRock Energy Corporation (PSTR)
These best penny stock picks come highly recommended from a company that actively trades on NASDAQ. In the light of plummeting oil prices the company involved in acquisition, exploration and production of natural gas and oil has found many ways to cut its costs. The majority of its projects are located in the Cherokee Basin in Kansas and Central Oklahoma.

7. Genetic Technologies Limited (GENE)
These are hands down the most active penny stocks from our selection on 30 day average trading at a volume of 1,3 million. GENE stocks have boomed 93% up since the beginning of 2015. This could be explained by a fantastic research and development potential that goes in the production of their variety of hereditary cancer tests to detect early onset of breast, uterine, ovarian, bowel, prostate cancer and some neurological diseases.

8. Glu Mobile, Inc. (GLUU)
Our list of best penny stock picks will not be complete without mentioning these penny stock recommendations. This technology and multimedia company is based in San Francisco, CA and makes its goal to develop and publish video games adaptable for mobile smartphones and tablets. Among its product selections gamers can download a variety of action, casual, racing and sports themed games.

9. Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ARNA)
This pharmaceutical company is among our best penny stock picks because of its specialization to discover and develop novel drugs intended to target G-protein receptors. It markets weightloss management medications, high blood pressure and cardiovascular drugs.

10. Vringo Inc. (VRNG)
The Company is focused on working in the intellectual property market sector by safeguarding and licensing intellectual rights globally.